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A Christmas Quiz

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A Christmas Quiz

I imagine it is safe and sound to say that just one of the most celebrated days of the yr in our state is Christmas. It is these a common holiday that typically people not of the Christian faith participate in the festivities. It is also safe and sound to say that this working day is greatly celebrated around the earth, even in cultures that are not Christian in society or persuasion, these kinds of as Japan and China. They far too connect with it “Xmas”.

Irrespective of the widespread recognition of this holiday getaway, Christians the planet more than lament how commercialized Xmas has become and how convoluted the rationale and that means. We see symptoms hanging in section outlets that say “recall the rationale for the period”, but it appears to be the creator of this Xmas-time slogan experienced buyer paying out in brain relatively than something non secular.

There are myriad examples we could web-site regarding the world’s commercialization of this sacred Christian getaway and the loss of festive comprehension, but as well generally we Christians occur up limited ourselves in this theological arena. As our Lord reported, from time to time we need to clear away the beam from our personal eye.

How a lot do you genuinely know about Xmas? How considerably of what you feel about Christmas is Bible and how much is environment? Could you go the adhering to quiz on this subject? Examination your understanding. There are no trick concerns, but you may well be amazed by some of the solutions. Score 5 points for just about every right response. I will depart it up to you to determine no matter if you handed or not. The solutions are at the close of the quiz.

1. Xmas (the working day Jesus was born) possibly basically occurred on:

a. December 25th c. April 1st

b. March 29th d. We do not know

2. How lots of angels spoke to the shepherds?

a. 2 c. 1

b. a multitude d. it are unable to be established

3. A manger is:

a. a feeding trough c. a steady

b. a barn d. a room behind an Inn

4. Where by was Joseph’s household from?

a. Bethlehem c. Jerusalem

b. Nazareth d. Galilee

5. How have been the shepherds to find and recognize the Lord?

a. by subsequent a star c. by looking for a babe in a manger

b. by asking at the Inn d. by wanting for the Magi

6. How several smart men arrived to see Jesus in the manger?

a. two c. 3

b. the Bible isn’t going to say d. none

7. How did Joseph and Mary get to Bethlehem?

a. walked c. Joseph walked/Mary rode a donkey

b. by cart d. The Bible isn’t going to say

8. When Mary was uncovered to be with child, she and Joseph had been:

a. married c. engaged

b. companions d. The Bible does not say

9. Who advised Joseph what to name the baby?

a. Mary c. God

b. An angel d. Jewish elders

10. The place did the smart adult men come across Jesus?

a. In the manger c. In the area

b. On a donkey with Mary d. In a house

11. Who noticed the star over Bethlehem?

a. Joseph and Mary c. The three kings

b. The shepherds d. Every person

e. None of the previously mentioned

12. The Innkeeper instructed Joseph:

a. There is no place c. You can use the stable out back

b. We you should not allow kids d. None of the previously mentioned

13. Who advised Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

a. an angel c. The tax collector

b. Herod d. Caesar

14. What is meant by “heavenly host”?

a. an arch angel c. an military of angels

b. greeting angels d. an angelic choir or herald

15. What song did the heavenly host sing?

a. “Absent in a Manger” c. “Glory to God in the Maximum”

b. “Pleasure to the World” d. They did not sing

16. What animals have been present at the delivery of Jesus?

a. cows and sheep c. cows, sheep and camels

b. cows, sheep and donkeys d. not known

17. What is the most correct definition for “Magi”?

a. Magicians c. Astrologers

b. Clever males d. Jap kings

18. Why did Herod want to know when Jesus was identified?

a. So he could worship him c. So he could destroy him

b. So he could explain to some others d. None of the earlier mentioned

19. How extensive was the journey for the intelligent guys after they noticed Herod?

a. Two several years c. A small a lot less than two yrs

c. Significantly less than 1 working day d. None of the over

20. How quite a few shepherds have been there in the discipline?

a. 3 c. 6

b. 4 d. We are not informed

Solutions TO QUIZ

1. d 11. e (3 kings are not mentioned – all the intelligent men observed the star)

2. c 12. d (no point out of the Inn Keeper is designed)

3. a 13. d (see Luke 2:1-3)

4. a 14. c

5. c 15. d (we are instructed “a heavenly host stating”)

6. d* 16. d (the Bible does not say what animals have been current)

7. d 17. c

8 . c 18. c

9. b 19. c (Herod had all the male youngsters beneath 2 place to demise)

10. d 20. d

*6 – the Bible suggests they observed the younger little one in the house – they were being not

present at the manger – and no mention is manufactured as to how numerous Magi

there ended up – we typically suppose there ended up 3 simply because there ended up a few

presents presented, but there had been in all probability lots of, a lot of mor

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