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Used Presentation – Exercise – Output (PPP) As an Technique in Training Grammar

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Used Presentation – Exercise – Output (PPP) As an Technique in Training Grammar

“I by no means educate my pupils, I only endeavor to offer the conditions in which they can discover.”
• Albert Einstein

There are numerous throughout the world instructive methods launched by specialist language proponents for language teaching. Presentation- Practice -Creation (PPP) is a single amongst the commonly-utilised approaches for grammar guidance. It is a regular solution but its work shouldn’t be taken for granted watchful scheduling is desired for its expediency. Its rudiments immediate instructors to allow discovering by stimulating learners’ ascending imagining degrees by means of lessons’ very well- defined aims though they are entrenched in its three levels.

In PPP, instructing can be successful when the focus on language is managed. Hence, restricting language expressions as topic matters these types of as “is, are, am there is and there are this, these, that and these can and cannot can and could might and could possibly good nouns and common nouns, depend and non-rely nouns, energetic and passive modes, positive and unfavorable statements, damaging and constructive questions with yes -no responses, zero conditional compared to initially conditionals,” among the many classes dependent from the language program’s sequenced define staying managed. At this juncture, learners have to have to be outlined. Defining learners is teachers’ recognition of students’ comprehension degrees, age, nationality and society exactly where the creation of responsibilities designs and examples to aid powerful educating are generally based mostly upon.

Training grammar constructions by way of the PPP can be more operative when we affiliate instructive language expressions to students’ serious-world setting. By linking organic contexts, their interests are getting drawn or stimulated by prior information and activities. Issues such as their hobbies, films they generally watch, travels in other international locations, most loved actors from all over the entire world, favourite online games, happiest and scariest goals, historical situations they are conscious about other countries, people and nation English music that they hear to, and much more can be prompt as thematic backgrounds for students are likely to be responsive in course pursuits when predicaments they are closely linked to are manipulated. Also, delivering these forms of frameworks lessen students’ finding out passivity which is generally because of to deficiency of fascination or absence of knowledge.

PPP’s fundamentals are explicated below in two individual approaches. (A) A single is via employing distinct language targets in each stage to make clear its underlying rudiments, and (B) the other is by an intertwined single focus on language interconnected to its three phases.

A. PPP Application in different language targets

In the presentation phase, language concentrate on is stimulated by demonstration strategies adopted by a teacher’s discretion. The pupils are expected to notice how new languages are produced from a teacher’s different way of presenting. It is a simple fact that it isn’t acceptable to feed pupils immediately what their new lessons are. In in this article, it is favorable to hear instructor say, “We have a new grammar lesson these days that connects to your favourite sporting activities gamers about the environment”. “Can you tell me the names of your favorite gamers?” somewhat than stating, “We will discover about frequent nouns and suitable nouns.” “Your most loved sports players are really correct nouns.” Presentation must incorporate discovery process which may choose spot by the introduction of duties linked by supporting elements these kinds of as pictures, timeline, true objects, cited predicaments, a film clip relying on teachers’ discretion. At the conclude of this phase, the pupils will be knowledgeable of the goal language, its original policies and buildings, which they themselves have inferred.

Next, practice phase is done soon after the college students have found out the language’s attributes. Centered from a instructor -organized routines, they apply the principles and buildings. Presuming that our classes are on singular and plural nouns, we can evaluation these to highlight what they have discovered in the presentation by owning them cite nouns that they see in the 2nd image and have them checklist all the terms in two columns in accordance to names of points and persons. The college students might be tasked to establish each phrase which is singular and plural from the two unique columns that they have built enabling them to produce two added columns: singular and plural nouns for folks, singular and plural nouns for areas, as facilitated. Jointly, in just about every column, the course transforms the text into singular or plural types. Depending on the availability of time, the trainer can even more introduce some exceptions to the common principles on the various pluralization of nouns. Likely, the instructor provides an activity that demonstrates some nouns whose plural types are not ending in ‘-s’ or ‘-es.’ For occasion: little one- young children, cactus-cacti, radius-radii, memorandum-memoranda, lady-females, guy-gentlemen, mouse-mice, goose-geese. Moreover, the instructor may perhaps feature some uncountable nouns this sort of as: milk, sugar, cheese, salt, tea, espresso, bread and many other illustrations.

Production is a stage where students’ prior grammar awareness alongside with acquired information from the two stages are integrated less than specified duties to show an above-all discovering final result. It is recommended that the generation routines should really relate to reality for communicative needs. Assuming that the concentrate on language is the existing constant with future meanings, the instructor might check with the pupils on what they are heading to do this afternoon to be answered in full sentences. The envisioned responses will be an software of the language’s previously launched formula, which is present be-verb + a verb in the -ing type + long run time. At this level, the students are predicted to make an instance by remaining certain about be- verbs. It is in this condition that the learners are built to choose in between ‘is,’ ‘are,’ and ‘am’ though generally, they were making use of ‘is’ or ‘are’ in the practice phase. Moreover, due to the fact the concern is about them independently, they have to decide which issue they are likely to employ. To increase, they will also have to make your mind up which component of speech they are heading to use. And considering that, ‘I’ have been made a decision, they are knowledgeable that pronoun is heading to be employed specially the matter pronouns, alternatively of choosing up a subject matter from nouns. In conjunction to these stimulating exercise, students’ cognitive skill continuous to work importantly. Hence, the envisioned outputs will be sentences that are introduced by “I am” As an example, “I am meeting my good friend this afternoon,” “I am traveling to Islamabad tonight.” Similar to other language focuses, the learners are inspired to manipulate the language expressions for no matter what objective they may possibly really provide by the integration of the concentrate on language’s varieties and policies reinforced by their prior expertise which possibly included with new linked language to be processed when comply with-up routines such as research and other forms of enrichment exercises are provided.

B. PPP software in an intertwined solitary lesson

The most simple way to recognize PPP is to perceive it in its 3 intertwined levels through an specific lesson that showcases a single language emphasis together with its corresponding things to do to be demonstrated in ascending method. Down below is an case in point of its software.

PPP will be elucidated as a result of an interactive dialogue among a instructor and college students with responses as upshots from the supplied duties followed by commentaries that function some functional discovering processes’ importance which conceivably advocate some supportive actions in trying to accomplish an operative employment of this approach.

The lesson

The concentrate on language is “utilized to” and the teacher is aware that the class has already realized some grammatical points such as matter pronouns, subject matter-verb settlement and earlier very simple verb types in guidance to the new lesson which means that in an institutional language course outline, the classes are sequenced appropriately according to the understanding wants of pupils.


At the conclude of a 50-minute session, the students are expected to:

1. decide the use of the expression “made use of to”,
2. use ‘used to’ to remodel sentences which are expressed in the very simple past,
3. use ‘used to’ in sharing their preceding out-of-faculty functions,
4. write a paragraph concerning their encounters working with the expression, and
5. enrich students” grammatical means and creativeness by means of expressing thoughts in the earlier in a different way.


Objectives offer extremely sizeable roles in every lesson. Nevertheless we are unable to protect all the supposed results in one lesson, the aims need to cater to a unique sort of lesson by involving the a few domains of targets- cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Exclusively, “decide,” ‘use,’ ’employ’ are indicators of cognitive objectives. ‘Write’ signifies psychomotor and cognitive while ‘enhance’ signify affective. All these mentioned aims are anticipated to be attained in implementing the tactic involving, “utilised to” in a class’ featured sequence of functions. These particular goals turn out to be students’ overall performance indicators at the end of the instructing process.

Phase 1: Presentation

Instructor: Each just one of you must have savored your childhood identical to Munawar’s ordeals when he was a schoolboy in Lahore. Pay attention, to some of his unforgettable actions that he made use of to do at the age of 10 in Pakistan.

students’ solutions:

climbed apple trees
went searching with his father
played cricket with pals
go through storybooks at the library
picked fruits in the course of harvest time
assisted his mother and father in the farm
prayed together with his father at the mosque

Teacher: All your answers are shown on the board. Do you notice anything at the end of just about every response?
Pupil: There is no punctuation. I indicate, there is certainly no comprehensive quit.
Teacher: Yes, what else do you see? See all the beginning words of these answers.
College student: They are not capitalized.
Trainer: Correct. Why are not they capitalized and punctuated?
Pupil: We only capitalize and punctuate them when they are sentences.
Trainer: Am I built to have an understanding of that these responses are not sentences?
Pupil: Yes.


Even if the classes are not on punctuation and capitalization, these important details that popped up have to be processed. It is also in this setting when college students are provided the chance to identify the distinctions among a phrase and a sentence. These insert to their primary know-how which might tutorial them in language acquisition skills. It is a teacher’s obligation to combine these essential points considering the fact that these are organic training occurrences that surfaced at present in the middle of a teaching course of action. The instructor must never presume that the course realized about these relevant details for there could be extra college students waiting around to take in the appropriate rudiments by a teacher’s elaboration. 1 student’s question which was hardly ever elevated for some good reasons could remedy many students’ hesitations underneath these conditions.

Trainer: Let us get again all over again to what you have listened to about Munawar’s childhood pursuits. What did he do? Let’s alter Munawar into another type. What should really we use to represent Munawar? Go back again to the subject pronouns and choose appropriately the word that we are likely to use as a matter.
University student: “He” really should be utilized.
Teacher: That’s right. Why do you consider it is “he?”
College students: Munawar is singular and he’s a male.
Instructor: Specifically. This time, will I capitalize and punctuate using a comprehensive cease? Why need to I capitalize and punctuate?
College students: Yes. We have created sentences. For this reason, we have to have to capitalize the commencing words and phrases and spot a complete prevent at the close of every assertion.

students’ responses.

He climbed apple trees.
He went looking with his father
He played cricket with buddies.
He viewed Tv set with his family before heading to rest.
He picked fruits during harvest time.
He assisted his mother and father in the farm.
He prayed with each other with his father at the mosque.

Trainer: What do you see in every verb from the sentences?
Pupils: They are all prepared in the previous sort?
Trainer: What created you say so?
University student: The verbs conclude in- ed.
Instructor Why need to we area -ed at the close of every verb?
Pupils: They transpired when he was a kid. These action terms were being finished in the past.
Trainer: Also, you will discover that a single past very simple verb is of unique form.
What is this term? Remember your prior lesson about the sorts of verbs.
Students: It really is an irregular verb.
Trainer: Can we take this verb?
Pupil: Certainly.
Trainer: Why?
University student: It also expresses past simple.
Teacher: Can you give far more illustrations of these irregular verbs?

students’ solutions on irregular verbs

notify -instructed
experience -felt
develop into -became
say -said
occur- came
tear- tore

Trainer: All right. Can we possibly produce these sentences in a different way?
What about inserting ‘used to’ in advance of the verb in each and every sentence that we have made?
Pupils: Yes, we can.
Teacher: You are correct. Write your new sentence beside each and every sentence. Increase ‘used to’ just before the verbs but the primary verbs really should be modified into the existing simple.

Students’ responses

He climbed apple trees. He utilized to climb apple trees
He went searching with his father. He applied to go searching with his father.
He performed cricket with mates. He utilized to perform cricket with close friends.
He watched Tv set with his spouse and children in advance of likely to rest. He utilised to watch Television set with his spouse and children just before heading to rest.
He picked fruits throughout harvest time. He used to choose fruits through harvest time.
He served his mother and father in the farm. He utilised to assistance his mother and father in the farm.
He prayed with each other with his father at the mosque. He utilised to pray jointly with his father at the mosque.

Teacher: Searching at your next group of solutions, do you see how every sentence in each amount differ from the initially team in accordance to verb varieties?
Learners: Indeed, the initially group made has past easy while the other was modified into existing straightforward sort.
Trainer: What built the alterations of the past uncomplicated verbs in your next sentences?
Learners: “Used to” built the alterations in the verbs into current straightforward.
Instructor: We all know that the verbs in the very first team of sentences are in the previous form, and this implies all of them ended up performed in the previous. When we created a further group of sentences, we included ‘used to’ but we have composed all the verbs into very simple existing variety. Have we finished these improvements the right way?
Pupils: Of course, we have. When we placed ‘used to’, we are equally rewriting the thoughts in the previous type in an additional way.
Trainer: Now, are they the very same in conditions of tense? Do the pairs have the identical meanings?
College students: Indeed, they do.
Teacher: Apart from employing the easy earlier form to categorical done steps in the earlier, what else can we use?
College students: We can write “used to + the foundation variety of the verb.”
Trainer: Indeed, it is correct to use ‘used to + the foundation form of the verb’ to specific actions that happened in the earlier.


The salient details to be noticed in right here are the utilization of previous information of the language, close linkage of goals to concentrate on language, interconnections of targets in all routines with the inclusion of motivation. The presentation must be inductive for the college students to infer as a substitute of making use of the deductive method. In making use of the inductive technique, learners will have the opportunity to determine out what language is to be uncovered and how do their constructions to suit a particular rule or a general rule which they will before long find out. Also, application of prior language could be related as shown by the substitution of subjects. Prior information utilization is a kind of refreshing them pertaining to the worth of earlier uncovered languages. In here, they ended up supplied the opportunity to discover the purchase of the expressions in language constructions. To insert, this stage directed learners to type a formulation of their personal which will tutorial them to execute series of workouts by phases.

There are some exceptions to the formation of previous tense for irregular verbs. If it will come out, it is most effective to procedure its salient points in planning for the apply and output. This need to be bolstered by incorporating further activities in the presentation.

Phase 2: Exercise

Teacher: Let us have more workouts to even more fully grasp the lesson. Right here is a listing of what a movie director did when he filmed a motion picture in Quetta. Generate them in finish sentences employing the earlier basic variety and adjusted each individual by introducing ‘Use to.’

booked his crew in a hotel
talked to the mayor of the town
hired some excess cameramen
gathered other citizens to act as little bit gamers
organized the actors schedules
gave time for performers to read through their scripts
threw a celebration in advance of likely again residence

Students’ answers

He booked his crew in a hotel. He made use of to reserve his crew in a lodge
He talked to the mayor of the city. He made use of to discuss to the mayor of the town.
He employed some excess cameramen. He applied to use some further cameramen.
He gathered other citizens to act as little bit players. He made use of to assemble other citizens to act as little bit players.
He organized the actors’ schedules. He used to arrange the actors’ schedules.
He gave time for performers to read through their scripts. He used to give time for performers to read through their scripts.
He threw a social gathering before heading again household. He used to throw a get together in advance of going back again property.


It is pertinent that the trainer stimulates the wondering of the learners right after the remodeled illustrations as reinforcement of the presentation stage. Repetition is a kind of reinforcement and a variety of meaningful exercise due to the fact the students’ are produced to imagine although they carry out. Just after the functions, elaboration of the rudiments of this language concentrate is of significant value.

When “utilised to” is employed, the authentic verb form from as simple past has to be in a easy existing. It is advisable to have the college students find out the variations. Their inference will be a wonderful help in retaining expertise. The teacher’s job is only to induce their capacity to infer relating to the verb composition. At this juncture, a trainer is discouraged to feed views directly to the students.

In true conversation tactics, these two expressions: previous uncomplicated and ‘used to’ may perhaps be blended up. It is greatest to emphasize that it is achievable to occur. Each individual college student must be informed that what they uncovered in the classroom are designs and that they can be modified in a pure interaction whether or not they are used orally or in composed manner.

Phase 3: Creation

Trainer: What about you, can you nonetheless recall your past activities several years in the past? Alongside one another with your seatmate, record what the two of you utilised to do. Publish them in a very simple previous verb and be in a position to completely transform these sentences working with ‘used to.’ You will have 3 kinds of lists. Both college students will provide a speak about the responsibilities that they have done. Aid every other in forming the lists.
achievable students’ list one (1) no subject matter with uncomplicated previous

viewed our favourite Television set display each and every day
played football in the subject
frequented my good friends 2 times
had picnics at the family members park
went to Dammam each individual week
toured Bahrain once a month
travelled to Riyadh Metropolis with our cousins.
achievable students’ checklist two (2) pluralized subject matter with straightforward previous

We watched our most loved Television set exhibit just about every day.
We played soccer in the area.
We frequented my good friends twice.
We experienced picnics at the family park.
We went to Dammam each individual week.
We toured Bahrain as soon as a thirty day period.
We travelled to Riyadh City with our cousins.

probable students’ checklist three (3) – pluralized topic with expression ‘used to’ replacing uncomplicated past.

We utilized to check out our favourite Tv set demonstrate every working day.
We made use of to play soccer in the discipline.
We applied to check out my mates two times.
We employed to have picnics at the family park.
We utilised to go to Dammam every week.
We used to tour Bahrain after a thirty day period.
We utilised to vacation to Riyadh City with our cousins

Teacher: Get back again to list quantity one and share your concepts.
Learners: List quantity a person is launched by basic verbs.
Teacher: Sure, that’s ideal. What have you discovered in record selection two?
Students: There is a specified subject matter in each individual sentence.
Teacher: Right. The phrases were being accomplished as sentences. Are checklist amount 3 and variety two the exact when it will come to tenses?
College students: Yes.
Trainer: Now, as a homework, make a timeline of 5 remarkable points that you did past summer time by using dates and past uncomplicated verbs or ‘used to’. Create them in a paragraph form by adhering to the sections of a paragraph that we have practiced a 7 days ago.


Pupils were being ready to kind the easy pasts independently, decided the topic to be made use of and substituted the very simple pasts into ‘used to’ by enumerating skilled actions. These imply that college students finding out in the cognitive way is manifested in the creation. Their skill to manipulate the language’s structures and policies by means of the tasks denote their expanding level of order considering capabilities stemming from the presentation and follow phase. It is for that reason encouraged that academics can make the production stage operational by employing collection of interlinked functions in contexts even if this particular phase is related to how they intertwined their lessons from the two prior phases. Provision of these activities will allow them far more prospects to manipulate currently realized language targets and to apply formerly discovered language contents.

Homework is a variety of creation resulting to outputs that fortify or enrich what they have acquired. It is also recommended that language a recently figured out focus ought to be integrated with the introduction of a new focus this kind of as supplying dates as time expressions. Day can point out past actions and these are supplemental language expressions which they can perform on in natural communication location. Additionally, encouraging production’s favorable effects may perhaps proliferate among the learners when they implement languages that are anchored to their authentic-existence encounters.

There are no quick techniques to use in language training even if they seem to be. Teachers have to define their learners and utilize some adjustments. Techniques are not completed mechanically but rather flexibly dependent from students’ level and from the readiness of resources. Lessons’ targets ought to be understood in the educating method. Educating encounters reveal that in a method, a method occurs. It is also appropriate to do some reflections regrading aims that guide to learning directions. Do your functions relate with the objectives? Are they launched by the enter materials? Are they confined in your wished-for location? Are these manifested less than teacher and students’ roles? Do they join to the concentrate on language? Are they implied in the outputs? If they do, then PPP could be a practical strategy in your lecture rooms.

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